Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dragonvale is back and it just gets better (hack wise!)

It seemed unlikely that the original Dragonvale hack would ever be fixed but theyv'e gone and done it again!  The simple UI makes it even easier now.  As this is an old game some of you may have missed this total gem so heres our review of the game with tips and much more.

Dragons have been in many of the fairy tales I used to be told in my own only age. Nevertheless, it had been just dream of mine which they lived in my own head reminding me of worries to get combusted in the fire they blasted using their mouth. With the passing of time I've located the world in the Dragon narratives seeing different films on it or studying the fairy testimonies etc. Finally I understood that there was nothing beats Dragon nowadays. However, I desire to express that now these Dragons go. They go not just in the heads of the children but additionally in the virtual universe where such a thing is achievable. With All the advancement of DragonVale the Backflip Studios has again shown that Dragons do though they can be a virtual universe exists in the world but however they're terrifying, amusing and thrilling us using their creepy perspective and characteristics.

Abstraction of DragonVale

You may have learnt about Farm Frenzy where you will need to perform each of the farming actions such as the growing, cattle-breeding etc. Precisely the same theory is used in the event of DragonVale. As a participant you will end up performing the part of a farmer who creates his own dragon breeding farm whereby tons of cunning and mystifying dragons nourished to get grown-up and are provided birth. In short you'll have to enhance a digital zoo at which you're going to be managing a number of various music genre of dragons to pull in the individuals. For which the individuals spend you for the display of dragons and will get to your DragonVale the zoo of magic dragons. Individuals will automatically begin seeing your dragon display after they begin growing. The more degrees you pass-out you'll be let to buy more appealing dragons which finish using the magic "Rainbow Dragon" uncommon specie of dragons.

As I said the players will undoubtedly be granted with online cash with which they could buy food for dragons or infant dragons for to increase them. In this DragonVale the cash given by the visitants is named the "Dragon Funds" and is quite definitely essential for the dragon feeder.

Forms of Dragon you could have in your DragonVale

The software engineers have kept in your mind in regards to the distinctive characteristics while design dragons for different intensities. There are a few plant dragons, some world dragons, fireplace dragons, chilly, lightning, water, atmosphere, and steel etc. You'll find just three specific kinds of dragons which will boost up your earnings to sky high degree and they're uncommon also. Additionally, there are various other additions produced by the programmers keeping in thoughts in regards to the parties and also the fests like Xmas, Halloween, St. Patricks day, Valentine etc.

Where to get DragonVale?

For those who have been searching for the DragonVale game for so long you then might have perhaps not been provided with the appropriate address to see. Anyways it's supported with only iOS that will be an OS designed by the apple mackintosh.  There is also an Android version of the game but for some reason the game is not so popular on Android devices.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Updating the Dragonvale Hacker

Dragonvale from Backflip studios has seen some updates to its game code and mechanics recently.  This means many of the original hack tools for it will no longer work fully.  Fear not though fellow Dragonvale cheaters the good news is that today we have the first updated Dragonvale hack released publicly.  Shortly we will go into further details on what has changed under the hood to make this work but for now you can grab the latest updated version here

Thursday, 2 May 2013

New Dragonvale Hack tool released!

This has been around for a little while already but here is a direct link to download the latest Dragonvale Hack for free!

Pretty straight forward to use, just download and run the hack tool on the same network as Dragonvale, the clever stuff is handled automatically in the background.

If you want the version for mobile devices (iOS or Android) that does not require cydia, a jailbreak or any root access then see the original Dragonvale hack source here.  At this time there is no known Mac version.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Dragonvale free gems and more

When it first came out Dragonvale was loved by many and this popularity is still there today. A fair amount of time is needed for you to slowly progress through the game and collect enough Coins and Gems. For cheaters there?s great news but in the form of this new working Dragonvale Hack which can speed up this process hugely and give you unlimited Free Coins, Free Gems or Free Items. Luckily in this case the latest cheats are done by interacting with network traffic made by the game so there is no need of a jailbroken or rooted device for them to work. Another happy bonus from basing the cheats on network packets is the cheat will work totally cross system and functions just as well with the Android version of the game. Some people would rather not cheat with many games as they fear it will shorten the life of the game and prefer just to stick to tips and tricks for getting coins and gems as easily as possible.

The only other method for getting stuff for free without using this hack for Dragonvale is to engage in 'gifting' along with your buddies. The theory being one of karma and if you gift items to their friends then they will return the favor to you. Of course this is depending on your online friends returning the favor. This is a policy though that is best used by people with large circles of friends or the returns will not be worth it, Maybe getting out there and making some good connections is the answer then for getting on in the game. The devious player would twist this with the use of secondary or disposable accounts along site the hack tool. Get as much free gold, coins or whatever you can on this account and gift them back to your main account. There is a limit on how many items and purchases can be gifted each day so make sure you keep under that to avoid problems later on. Grow a gift tree to increase the number of items you can gift to people each day.

An easy way of getting a good amount of free Dragonvale gems that most people should know by now is to simply put a dragon in the coliseum. Something that will also get you extra coins. If you manage to get into the habit of doing this each day without fail you will be surprised by how much you can accumulate. Breeding the mystical moon dragon and lava dragons will significantly improve the chance that you will breed a leap-year dragon. Watch out for the Rainbow dragon through the game as it is very valuable when bred from four different elements. The Dragonvale wiki is an excellent source of information on almost all the breeding tips and combinations so far documented.

There is only one kind of dragon in the game that can make you free gems which happens to be the Gemstone Dragon. They are sometimes also called Epic Dragons and are named after the birthstone of the month when they become available. Times for breeding is the days in the month as hours. Be aware that moving the dragon can reset the clock so don't do this near the end of the breeding cycle.

I've compiled the gemstone dragons and their months in this list. Emerald Dragons are May and 31 days, June - Pearl Dragon - 30 days, For July it will take you 31 days to breed a Ruby Dragon, August - Peridot Dragon - 31 days, Sapphire dragons are bred in July for 31 days, in October the Opal Dragon will take 31 days, in November the Topaz Dragon takes just 30 days, Turquoise Dragons are bred in December for 31 days, Garnet Dragon's are January and 31 days. Of course as time goes on new dragons are added to this list every month so that?s just another great reason to play often.

For the technically minded readers who wish to know more about the hack itself then this uses a form of ARP poisoning to capture all network traffic. While it runs it intercepts and if necessary modifies packets as they travel around your network. Network requests are mainly made when purchases are received and requested but there are some others that act as a sort of tick which will increase coins etc. By faking the count values in this data free items can be acquired whenever a legitimate item is. All items appear to be permanent but as stated above - wise people would use an additional account to obtain the free items before gifting them back to their main account. Its quite easy to reach the level in the game where you can grow a gift tree so you can take full advantage of this method. However of my circle of friends on Dragonvale who have been testing this since the beginning of January a few of them have been using the cheat tool directly to their main account with so far no reports of bans or other problems. Also you should be aware that this ARP poisons ALL network traffic so that means that any network activity (eg browsing or downloading) will pass through this tool. Problems will be rare but any other users on the same network will notice certificate errors on some websites and gaming will have a slightly higher ping. The tool can cause other users to receive certificate errors when logging into sites while the tool in use. For that reason you should keep the tool open for the shortest possible time to avoid breaking your network! It goes without saying that if you are thinking of using this on a network that is not your own such as a school one there may be a lot of people suddenly getting errors.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Dragonvale Free Gems and More

Dragonvale Free Gems and More.

UPDATE:  Latest Dragonvale free gems hack has been made public.  Read More Here

Dragonvale is easy enough for a child to play, yet it is still engaging enough to keep an adult entertained for hours on end without the need for any kind of Dragonvale Hack. It is commonly known that the basics needed to raise your dragon are food, gems and coins. A lot of cheats are made at the same time as the game. This is to connect to the non-paying audience.

Dragonvale Hacks and Cheats are for a lot more than just getting past a difficult stage. They are excellent for people who do not have time to e obligated to a game for the time it takes to grow things. Some people just do not have the funds to pay for a game, and some cheats will help them keep playing as well.  

Dragonvale Hack

Dragonvale was built to be played with an iOS platform, but it is now a free download on many other gadgets like the iPad and the iPhone. The hacking tool used for Dragonvale will give you access  to unlimited basics like treats, gold and gems. It is very user-friendly too! All you have to do is start the hack tool, enter your user information, connect to the database, enter the amount of the things needed and press start. You do not have to be jail-broken when you do this!

Dragonvale free gems

The best way for free Dragonvale gems is through gifting. Everyone knows that the best way to get a gift is to give a gift. If you are playing in a circle of friends, make an agreement to gift each other the maximum amount of gems that you can daily. You can also search and make connections with other players, and this will grow that resource. You can also use the cheat above to get all of the free gems, treats and coins that your heart desires.
There is a gem tree too. A lot of folks have no idea what it is, but it is right there. This tree increases the amount of gems that you can get daily. You will initially pay 100 gems to get the tree though. If you have a big enough player support circle it may be worth it in the long run.
Try putting a dragon inside the coliseum each day. You may win some free gems, coins and such. Medals get you gems, so this is a really good rout to take.

More Dragonvale Cheats

You can elevate the chances of getting a rainbow or a leap-year dragon, obtain gems, breed the mystical moon and lava dragons, and so much more with the right codes. Be careful, all sites can not be trusted, All sites can however be researched. There are a lot of players online, and a simple search may resolve any questions that you have while you build a support circle.